Beetle Ion AP



Size: 180 x 165mm (W x H)

Weight: 765g

Power Supply: AC 220 - 230V / 50Hz

Cable Length: 1.5m

Rated Power: <20watt

Water Capacity: 500 cbm/day

Area Coverage: 120sqm

Illumination: 6 x LED Color-Changing (on/off)

Negative Ion Generator > 5 millions ions per cubic cm




1. Do not connect the plug or turn on the machine when adding water

2. Remove the machine cover, fill the bowl with water until the level is between the 'MIN & MAX' marking in the bowl

3. Add a few drops of aroma concentrate or solution into the water

4. Replace the cover and turns the machine on by pressing the on/off switch on. Press the on/off switch twice will turn off the LED while the purifier and ion generator still in operation. Press the on/off switch third time will turn the machine off.



For best result and therapeutic effects. use only water-soluble oil such as aroma concentrate or solution. DO NOT use essential oil, fragrance oil or any other non-water soluble essence.

Beetle Ion AP